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Residential Premium

With Linktel Home services, you can have the quality of corporate Internet at your household.

In addition to Internet services for commercial establishments, Linktel also offers a specific subscription plan for residential condos. It is a round-the-clock, corporate-quality Internet, independent from any other service (telephone line or cable TV, for instance).

The Internet access for condos is provided through our hybrid network technology, with distribution of individual signals for each dweller.

Being our customer, you don't have to contract other provider. With Linktel, you will be able to access free e-mail accounts, 24-hour broadband Internet, two-way access (same download/upload speed) and Home Office (possibility of data communication between
company and residence).

Linktel Home has a connection service through our IP Network, which allows direct, broadband access to the World Wide Web, with a high quality connection.


  • Provider included
  • Free e-mail accounts
  • Round-the-clock broadband Internet
  • Very high speed from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM
  • Two-way access (same download/upload speed)
  • Best quality connection
  • Home Office - allowing communication between your company and your residence

+ Trustive’s Brazilian Network grows by almost 50%
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